The Mitchell Group, Inc.

Liz and Charlie Mitchell are authors, editors and marketing professionals. Check out their new international site Bindu Trips launched in 2017 including travel planning for Myrtle Beach's Best and Hilton Head Essentials!



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The Mitchell Group, Inc. created, owns and manages Speakers International and Entertainers International, booking agencies for professional speakers, celebrities and entertainers who live and work internationally.

The Mitchell Group, Inc. also offers marketing consultation, destination marketing management, media planning and buying along with communication training to non-profit and professional organizations. Chambers of commerce, convention and visitor bureaus, tourism boards, local governments and others can benefit from this service.

Marketing and related communication services are available to professional speakers and entertainers, and complete professional management and personal representation are offered for a select few presenters. Ask about help with social media to support your brand.

Ask for details on consultation or a no-obligation quote on marketing for authors, speakers, entertainers, businesses and non-profit organizations or a special program for destination marketing services


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