Bill McCreary

Bill McCreary, Emmy Award-winning journalist, is a former vice-president of Fox Television station WNYW-TV (Channel 5 in New York).  A graduate of Baruch College, he began his career in 1960 as a staff announcer and engineer for radio station WWRL in Queens.  In 1963 he joined Radio Station WLIB as a general assignment reporter.  After one year he was promoted to News Director. As news director at radio station WLIB, he produced several documentaries on the civil rights movement and interviewed such advocates as Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X.   In 1967 he joined Metro Media Brodcasting an a general assignment Reporter.   In 1968 McCreary conducted a highly acclaimed special weekend seminar at Syracuse University regarding race and politics in America.    In 1970, he became the anchor and managing editor of "Black News" at Metro Media.  Bill McCreary was promoted to co-anchor of "The 10 O'Clock News" in 1971.   In 1987, McCreary was promoted to a vice President for Fox Television and given his own show (McCreary Report), where he was anchor and executive producer.

Bill McCreary has received numerous awards and citations for his work as a newscaster and for his outstanding contributions to the African-American community.  Recognition of his accomplishments by civic leaders and his peers include:

  • Two Emmy Awards -- one for the "The 10 O'Clock News" and one for "Black News;"
  • An Emmy Award nomination for the documentary "Following the Footsteps;"
  • The Daily News Front Page Award for outstanding achievement in "reporting events and issues concerning the Metropolitan area and the minority community in particular;"
  • The NAACP's "Black Heritage Award" in 1987;
  • Borough President David Dinkins' declaration of April 23, 1987, as "Bill McCreary Day" in New York City;
  • An award from the Food and Drug Administration for a series of reports on the dangers of consuming "Argo Starch;"
  • The Floyd Flake Image Award in October, 1990;
  • The Mackee Williams Memorial Award in September, 1990;
  • The Federation of Negro Civil Service Organizations, Inc. Distinguished Service Award; and
  • A Myopia International Research Foundation citation for helping to improve public health standards.


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