Welcome to the first step in your journey to tell your story!

Do you have a book in your head? Do you want to save a few stories for your children?

Journaling training will guide the novice or experienced writer to capture his or her own story. It’s private training online and customized just for you to meet your individual needs.

Writing prompts and support will help you begin today and work through specific topics or certain periods of your life to recreate your life which has been full of stories or to begin the new story you want to tell.

This is not intended for fiction writers. This is a program for those who want a memoir of their life, their family, their history or any specific element of real life.

After your subscription is confirmed with your correct email address and any additional information which you wish to provide, you will be asked a few basic questions to help us set up the best training program to suit your needs.

Cancel anytime when you no longer want help. Work for us for a month for a single payment of $495. Then renew each month for as long as you want to continue with support, or let us know if you are ready to stop the workshop.