Personal customized online training is offered to a limited number of select clients. Choose one or more which you need to kick start your professional career and learn from trained instructors who are experienced leaders in the field.

The grammar clinic includes basic simple helpful tips sent directly to your inbox daily, better than learning a word a day, reminders for speaking or writing with correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Our business writing clinic is suitable for any entrepreneur, an executive or a beginner.

Writing your story is a fun workshop, better than journaling, which guides you to get your life story out of your head and into a printed book or an e-book. It’s useful for a memoir or a single experience in short form.

Coaching for speakers is offered for new or aspiring professionals who wish to launch a career in presenting to live audiences anywhere in the world.

Mentoring is offered exclusively for the high level professional who is already successful and seeks further personal growth. You will be paired with a group of similar professionals who will support and learn from each other in brainstorming sessions online.